About Rodrick Wallace

Sales Representative

Hey there, thanks for visiting my website! And more importantly, I'm glad you want to know more about me!
Traditionally, this would be where I tell you about all my degrees in Biology, Economics, my Masters degrees, and all my designations, but the truth is, that's not much of who I am. Those are the things I've learned and the background that will guide me as I work for you, but I'd rather talk about what's important here.
So who am I? I love people. I love helping people by providing solutions they never knew existed. I have a true passion for real estate - it fulfills me, it excites me. I stumbled into this career by purchasing a pre-construction condo with no idea as to the implications and no real plan. It turned out to be a great investment and from there on in, I became a professional investor. I then asked myself, how can I share this success with the people around me? Thus my decision to follow my dreams and make real estate a profession.
I love every aspect of real estate. Whether you're buying or renting, it's a roof over your head for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones. I love the simplicity of providing the primal need of shelter - a place to call home. And then of course, there's the angle of providing for your family by building wealth, be it by buying multi unit properties, single-family dwellings to hold onto as rental properties, pre-construction real estate, or the exciting process of flipping. If positive cash flow and leveraging is a part of who you are (or who you want to be), then we should be in touch. I cater to seasoned pros and first time investors. I love teaching and learning and believe every interaction is an opportunity to learn new things.
I love design, staging, and the architecture of homes. I love the competitive aspect and the challenge of winning every time for my clients. I like strategic aspects of sales and marketing of homes. But most importantly, I love people. Because real estate in the end is a relationship.
That's pretty much it for now, but give me a call and connect! I'd love to have a chat because that's what gets me going.
Thanks again for visiting, and I hope we'll be in touch soon!
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